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You can now buy our cookies and a range of cakes and savouries direct from our
Flour and Stone cafe
53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo, (02) 8068 8818
for more information and a full product list go to flourandstone.com.au

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We love it when people say nice things about our cookies.
Here's what some people have said recently.

Mcgrath Magazine, article by Tony Brown Writer, Feb 16 2008
Sunday Life, article by Ella Mundie, Jun 8th 2008

"Calls of pure joy for the cake today so a big thank you. mm x"
- Megan Morton

"Nadine, I had to tell you how stunning your cake was last night.
Everyone raved about how brilliant it was and the flavours were divine.
Congratulations and well done – it was truly beautiful."
- Karen Hay

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Q. What’s inside Cookie Couture cookies?
Our most popular iced cookie is the Gingerbread which contains sugar, honey, spice, salt, flour, baking soda, butter, pasteurised egg white and gel pastes to colour the icing.
We also make Chocolate Shortbread and Vanilla Shortbread which contain butter, sugar, cocoa (chocolate shortbread), flour, salt, pasteurised egg white and gel pastes to colour the icing.
Our new cookie range which is coming soon contains lots of other delicious ingredients which we are happy to inform you of should you have an allergy to something, in particular nuts and gluten.
We do not use preservatives of any kind.
 As a precaution all cookies may contain traces of nuts.
Q. Is there a minimum order?
There is a minimum order of 2 dozen cookies, allowing you to select up to 5 shapes. Or you can order one of our gift boxes which contain 16 cookies with up to 4 different shapes in the selection. See order info for price guides.
Q. What notice do I need to give for a cookie order?

Once your order has been finalised, we require 3-5 working days to bake, package and deliver your cookies to Sydney and other locations within NSW, and 5-7 working days if you are ordering from interstate. Custom cookies may take an additional 1-2 days. You will be kept informed of the status of your order every step of the way.
Q. How do I make an enquiry or place an order?

We like to get a clear understanding of your needs, so the best way is to go to the order info page and proceed from there.
Q. After I receive my cookies how do I store them?

The best way to store the cookies is in a dry place such as a cupboard in the box they arrive in, or in an airtight container. You can prolong their life (up to three months) by placing them in the fridge and allowing them to reach room temperature before serving them.
Q. What is the shelf life of the cookies?

The Gingerbread cookies are at their best for a month after you receive them, and Shortbread is best for two weeks. Of course all cookies are best straight from the oven.